Tuesday, February 2, 2010

14 Days of Love - When in Rome

As promised I am blogging everyday up to Valentines Day as part of my 14 Days of Love experiment. So I decided to do a review today simply because I can and I just watched this movie so hey why not talk about it. The movie is When in Rome and yes its a romantic comedy.

It’s actually a pretty cute story and it made me want to go to Rome. So heres the basic plot line, this woman Beth whose a little uptight goes to Rome for her baby sisters wedding. She’s the maid of honor at the wedding and at the wedding she meets Nick, the best man. They both like each other but Beth catches Nick with some Italian girl and so with a bottle of champagne Beth goes to the fountain of love. The legend goes that if you throw a coin in the fountain true love will find you, so Beth decides to take a few coins. However when you take someones coin they fall in love with you.

Beth jets back to New York with the coins, from that point on it’s basically these five guys trying to get Beth to love them in return including Nick. Beth learns that the Italian girl Nick was with was actually the grooms drunk cousin and he was making sure she didn’t mess up the party. So Beth starts to fall for Nick but then she discovers one of the coins she has is Nicks! Thus Beth tries to figure out if Nick really loves her while trying to figure out how to stop the other guys from loving her. I won’t spoil the end for you but its a really cute movie. It has some very sweet moments in it and my favourite scene is the wedding scene before the coin drama happens. Beth and Nick (or Kristen Bell and Josh Duhamel) have great chemistry and that scene shows the awesome firsts moments of a relationship. Those moments when you see the guy, share a smile, you feel the butterflies and then suddenly its the start of a relationship.

All in all its a great romantic comedy set in some really beautiful places and it has quite a few laugh out loud moments. I would recommend this movie if you want a fun romantic comedy that reminds you of the beauty of love. Tomorrow I will be blogging again about well honestly I am not sure yet but it will be around the topic of love. So keep checking back, feel free to comment on the posts and remember to celebrate love.

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