Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Underdog Takes It All!

This week has been a week of the underdog winning no matter what and I love it!

On American Idol everyone was sure Adam Lambert was going to win, I mean he had a cover on Entertainment weekly for heavens sake! It looked like a sealed deal but just at the last moment it wasn't Adam Lambert who was crowned the next American Idol but the kid no one thought could win, Kris Allen!

It was a total suprise but I loved it. American Idol actually was a good show to watch that night because of the suprise win.

In other news on Britians Got Talent (my favourite show by the way) Susan Boyle the internet sensation made it through to the finals. She sang Memories from the play Cats on the Semi Finals and Great Britain voted her through to the finals. So yes this week the underdogs have been winning it all and that makes me very happy.

So that was my random post for today, hope you enjoyed it and I will be posting again soon.

God Bless,

Grace Hatton - Teen Author

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Cute Couple Alert: Selena Gomez and Taylor Lautner

So no one really knows if Selena and Taylor are actually a couple or are just hanging out but either way teenage girls everywhere have accepted them as the new it couple and they already have a name, Taylena,

Isn't that adorable? Of course being a fan of the Twilight series and a huge fan of Jacob Black, I did want Taylor for myself but if I have to give him up for someone I suppose Selena will do lol:P.

No but seriously I saw the photo of them about a week ago and they just looked so cute and happy. Then I read how they'd been hanging out and visiting each other on set and I was like awwwww. If they are dating they will be a total power couple in young hollywood and if they're just friends then thats cool two after all that leaves Taylor for me lol :p but I think they might just have something together.

And that was my random blog post for today, thanks for reading and God Bless,

Grace Hatton - Teen Author

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My Star Trek Review

So yesterday, my sister, my mum and I celebrated Mothers day a day late but it was still so much fun!Anywho at the end of the day we watched the new 'Star Trek' movie and may I just say its beyond awesome.

It makes you cry, it makes you laugh, the action is crazy good and on top of it all the new Captain James T Kirk (A.K.A Chris Pine) is so good looking its ridiculous. I really like the movie I think it paid tribute to the original series yet still made an entirely new movie with an awesome new cast.

I loved the movie and this was my random post for today, so yes if you haven't seen the movie yet you should go see it you won't regret it,

God Bless,

Grace Hatton - Teen Author

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Following My Own Advice

Hey Guys,

So the other day I taught a blog class on how to set up a blog etc and one of the things I told my students to do was blog consistently for the first couple of weeks the blog was up. No huge long posts just quick updates about whatever, so I've decided to follow my own advice. Over the next two weeks or so I will be posting quick blogs about life love and exciting new projects I am working on.

Feel free to read away and follow this blog because that would make me smile =] Also I'd love for you guys to comment on my blogs, if you find one of my blogs interesting please let me know.

Looking forward to hearing from you guys and God Bless,

Grace Hatton - Teen Author