Thursday, February 4, 2010

14 Days of Love - A Fathers Love

So as we continue our experiment I can’t help but think about the kinds of love other than the romantic kind. For me the love a family shares is invaluable. I know for me if I didn’t have my family my life would be so different. I love my brother, sister and mum more than I could ever tell you but I believe a relationship so many young girls miss out on is the relationship with their father. For me I have been very lucky to have an amazing Dad who even though sometimes I don’t get along with I know no matter what he will be there for me. I know he’ll be ther for me when I need to cry, he’ll be there for me when I fail and when I do well. I know he’ll be there for me after a broken heart and when I am a little crazy. The truth is little girls need their Daddies and even though I am pretty much grown up now I couldn’t imagine what it would be like to grow up without a Daddy to hold, protect and love me.

So today I wanted to celebrate the beauty of a fathers love and there are some pretty incredible stories of a fathers love. However I have two stories that are just beyond incredible and I warn you, you might cry. Never the less take a look at the videos and enjoy the incredible stories.

Team Hoyt

Dick Hoyt is the father of Rick Hoyt. Rick was born not being able to talk or walk. He has been confined to a chair his entire life. However Rick learned how to use a computer to speak, at 15 Rick told his Dad he wanted to take part in a 5 mile benefit run. Dick wasn’t a runner but agreed to push Rick in his chair. For the first time in his life Rick didn’t feel handicapped. Now together they compete in marathons and triathlons across America. This is on of the most beautiful stories about a fathers love. Watch the video and you’ll se what I mean. That father is willing to push his body to the absolute limits to be with his son and that son is so happy just to be with his father. Thats love and its beautiful.

Patrick Henry Hughes and His Dad

Patrick Henry Hughes was born without eyes and crippled. Before his first birthday Patrick started playing the piano by sound. It’s actually kinda amazing as you’ll see in the video in fact by his second birthday he was playing requests. His dad decided to help him with his music as he grew up. By the time Patrick arrived at the University of Louisville his musical ability on piano and trumpet was well-known in the city. The school wanted Patrick to play in the marching band but obviously Patrick couldn’t do that on his own. So his father decided he would help his son by pushing Patrick during the routines. His dad does all the work with Patrick, the practices, rehearsals and games. In order to be at every band practice and to sit beside his son in every class Patrick’s father works the grave yard shift for UPS. He goes to work at 11 at night, gets in at 6am and sleeps until 11am where he then takes his son to school. To me thats beautiful, his father basically lives two lives for his son. That kind of love is extraordinary, watch the video to see more.

So today as you go about your business, if your Dad is your life make sure to give him a hug and say I love you and if not think about the love you have with the rest of your family. Love in a family is a beautiful thing and I pray everyone has a family that loves them so they can be surrounded with love.

Until tomorrow, be blessed and be loved,

Grace Hatton – Best Selling Teen Author

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