Monday, November 12, 2007

Some Kind of Fairytale

So today, I had a major fall out with someone close to me and it got me thinking. When we were kids, we all believed in Cinderella, all believed Prince Charming was coming. When we were kids, we had no reason to doubt that our fairytale wouldn't come true. However as we grow, as life takes its toll we begin to doubt our fairytale, doubt our happy ever after.

As the world throws its disappointment and hurt at us, we doubt. I think the true test of our spirit is if we keep believing. Fairytales were never perfect, there was always a promblem in the fairytale but what made it a true fairytale was the face it turned out perfect in the end.

This world wil never be perfect, we will never be perfect but we can believe. We can believe that our fairytale will somehow, somewhere come true. We can believe that we can be the hero of our own life, a hero who never gives up on their own dream. A hero who keeps believing no matter how how strong or painful our disapoointments are.

If we can all be our own hero than perhaps we can all have some kind of fairytale.

A fairytale that is far more wonderful than any storybook.

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