Monday, November 26, 2007

Guess What? People Really Do Care!

Hello Peoples,

I have no idea who reads this blog but hey what the heck I am a writer so I shall write even if no one reads. Okay so something new hit me today, the fact that people really do care. Recently I've been doing some fundraising to get to an even in L.A. At first I thought hey no ones going to help me and slowly people actually started to help.

I was amazed at how many people actually want to help a young author so I am dedicating this blog to everyone that has helped me over these past few weeks, you all know who you are. I also want everyone to know that when I am succesful I will help people who truly need it. I was sit high above everyone else and judge. No sir ree, I will be love. I will be as my savior wanted me to be.

So to everyone who helped me, I want you to know you truly are the stars of this world. Not A List celebs who show at fashion shows and get their picture taken, you are the stars.

The people who dare to make a difference.

To all my stars, I love you and see you soon!

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