Thursday, January 3, 2008

Happy New Year! Wait Till You See What I Have in Store for 08!

So 2008 is here! Christmas is gone and New Years is here. I hope you all had a fantastic New Years celebration and I hope you’re enjoying your year so far. Well, what to expect from me, this year? I am going to release my book and it will be in Barnes & Noble and Borders all over the country. I know my book has the potential to be a best seller and it will be. If you haven’t already check out my newly redesigned myspace, here's the link,

I have endorsements for my book lined up; I just have to follow up. I will also be approaching magazines this year to get publicity for my book. These are the magazines; I want to be featured in:

Teen Vogue







And I also want to be featured in local magazines such as Cornerstone and Radiant.
If you know anyone who works at the above magazines, please e-mail me! If you don't but still want to help get the word out, you can simply e-mail the magazines and say you'd like to see my featured.
If you are a teen and own a myspace, you can harass these magazines on their myspaces two!

I am committed to making this book a success, to those of you who received a promo copy, I hope you liked it and I hope you tell all your friends to buy the book when it is released.

For continually updated info on me and my book, The Guys, The Roses and The Regrets, check out all my websites.
Once again, I love you all and Happy New Year!

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