Friday, December 7, 2007

A Very Merry Christmas In L.A

So Christmas is upon us and I truly hope you are all filled with cheer. I know I am filled with cheer because I am trotting off to California baby. So far my journey to L.A as been quite amazing actually, so many people from all over the country have stepped up and helped me accomplish my dreams.

In L.A I’ll be meeting with some of the top people in my industry to get publicity for my book, I also got a new haircut today and if I do say so myself its looks pretty darn good. So yes I am filled with cheer this holiday season and I hope you are two.

The Christmas season is a time filled with love, hope and joy, a time when we take a deep breath and reflect. So to all of you around this great country, whether you be sitting in snow or chilling in the sun, a very merry Christmas and to all a goodnight.

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